A collection of photos from Chernobyl, Pripyat and the surrounding area. Part 2 of 3.

The top photo is a picture of the Chernobyl nuclear plant from the top of a Pripyat hotel. 

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it’s ridiculous how much i know about architecture history and different styles over the centuries but when someone points a building and asks “what style/period is that?” i’m all like hjmmmhhh its a kind of a renaissance-eclectic-baroque-ish thing i can tell by some windows also classicismy like things over there yeah it’s basically old hmm yes

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you think you know someone and then they reblog a picture of benedict cumberbatch

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dita is my idol

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you kind of understand why NSA is so invasive when you realize every other US citizen when they hear something in a language they don’t understand they’re like WHAT WHAT DID YOU SAY ENGLISH PLEASE SAY IT IN ENGLISH WHAT DID YOU SAY WHY ISN’T IT IN ENGLISH I MUST KNOW WHAT YOU SAY

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#asthma but make it fashion 💎

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NOTHING is better than a Lily and Gemma editorial/campaign


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